Our Story

After his military service during World War II, a native son named Roy Pope returned to Fort Worth to open a grocery store in 1943, with a laundromat, dry cleaners, and shoe repair shop also on-site. Pope eventually expanded into the restaurant business, opening the venerable Carriage House just a block away on Camp Bowie Boulevard's bricks. When Pope died in 1967, longtime employee John LeMond purchased the business and ran it for 23 years, at which time he sold to his son-in-law Bob Larance. The Larance family continued its operation, sustaining the store's commitment to quality, listening to its clientele, and providing superior customer service. In the spring of 2020, Bob and Renee Larance decided to sell to new owners, a Fort Worth partnership of longtime restaurateur and chef Lou Lambert, real estate broker Rodger Chieffalo, developer-builder Mark Harris, and Lambert protégé Chris Reale, the latter serving as owner-operator. The foursome, aiming to honor the high standards set forth by those before them, thoroughly renovated and updated the store while keeping its original footprint. Old butcher cases and freezers remain, but they've been beautifully refurbished. The custom butcher counter is better than ever, and the deli provides a wealth of hot and cold foods — produced by a team of chefs today. A select produce department is in place, and there are grocery store shelves laden with high-end products — many of them from local and regional producers. The wine and beer department is significantly enhanced and expanded, with a certified sommelier running that show, with a wine club now in place. There's now a coffee and wine bar, with indoor and outdoor seating, which didn't exist before. Also new: a floral department, a gift section showcasing items by local makers, and a frozen custard stand with specialty toppings.

Our Vision

Since 1943, Fort Worth has called Roy Pope Grocery its neighborhood corner market. A renovated landmark just a few steps off Camp Bowie's historic red bricks, Roy Pope Grocery promises to honor its trusted heritage by offering handcrafted meals; the finest produce, artisan breads and cheeses, and butcher shop anywhere; and a wine and beer department to suit demanding palates. Gather with friends at the coffee and wine bar, bring your dogs to our patio, and have us cater your important parties at home. We even share our cooking secrets and wine-pairing smarts! Most of all, our epicurean mission comes with a commitment to thoughtful service on a first-name basis.


Chris Reale – Owner/Operator

Raised in a large Fort Worth family, Chris grew up with a strong affinity for scratch-cooking from the heart. Weekly gathering with lots of relatives, all of whom would tend to the stoves, imbued Chris with a deep level of appreciation for food and its bonding properties. Immersing himself in the food and beverage industry starting in high school at the venerable Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, Chris counts among his mentors from that time Martin Thompson (owner today of Cat City Grill) and Anthony Felli (chef at Waters today). Along the way, Chris worked at a local wine bar and cooked at Lambert's, beginning his long association with Lou Lambert — a fellow owner of Roy Pope Grocery. While in an extended stint of running the bar at Grace, and also earning his bachelor's degree in Food & Nutrition at TCU, Grace owner Adam Jones graciously bestowed on Chris great knowledge of hospitality and successful operations practices. All the while, Chris continued working with Lou on live-fire cooking classes and events, caterings from Texas to California, and special parties under their Hunt and Fish Social Club brand. "Lou is the real deal when talking about food. His knowledge and experience in all aspects of the kitchen bring his expectations to a point that would leave most chefs curled up in a corner. I wish all chefs had the chance to work with him for a week just as a humbling exercise." Work in this industry inspires Chris with its challenging nature; he says, "it has an elegance about it that can capture you…similar to a play or novel, you find elements of plot within service; this excites me about the work."

Goals for the Roy Pope Grocery experience: 
"To lead this historic project to a place it hasn't been before, create a unifying culture that connects the Roy Pope Team and neighborhood, where we can learn from each other. Customers can come not just for shopping needs but for an experience they can't find elsewhere."

Chris's dream meal: 
"Nothing compares to my mom's chicken Parmesan or lasagna. Food has to taste great and incite some good feelings."